Annual Bookkeeping Checklist

The Annual Bookkeeping Checklist includes a consolidated checklist of all the required documents and detailed instructions on how to properly organize all bookkeeping files.

Corporate Year End Checklist

The Corporate Year End Checklist will help you put together all required documents to complete your Corporate Year End.

Getting the most from your Business Package

Benefits of being on the KD Business Package.

Monthly Bookkeeping Checklist

The Monthly Bookkeeping Checklist provides a comprehensive list of required documents to help you complete and organize your monthly bookkeeping documents.

New Corporate Client Checklist

The New Corporate Client Checklist provides a list of the required documents to be submitted to KD.

Strategic Planning Letter and Questionnaire

An introductory letter to Strategic Planning including a Planning Questionnaire.

Trust Questionnaire

The Trust Questionnaire provides all the information required to file the T3 Schedule 15 for the settlor, beneficiaries and trustees.