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Are you looking for a quality business tax accountant in Calgary who can help you maximize profits and minimize taxes? Look no further than KD Professional Services. We’re the specialists in business & corporate tax accounting.

Let KD Professional’s team of Calgary corporate accountants take care of all your corporate tax and accounting needs! We have some of the best business tax accountants in Calgary who can help you build a successful business.

As one of the best corporate & business accounting companies in Calgary, equipped with some of the best corporate tax accountants, our team has a wealth of knowledge and experience in dealing with any type of tax situation you are in. We are experts in structuring and tax planning and provide that expertise to you with simplicity. We provide various resources and education to assist you and bring you success on your journey. When you come to KD Professional Services for your tax and accounting needs, our team of experienced Calgary corporate tax accountants will provide you with excellent accounting services, high quality customer service and the peace of mind you can only get from working with seasoned professionals equipped with the required knowledge, skills and strategic alliances.

From Calgary, we provide corporate tax and accounting services including corporate year ends, Financial Statements, Corporate Tax Returns and bookkeeping. Through advances in technology, our business tax accountants can provide services to anywhere in the country from our home base of Calgary. By taking care of all of your corporate tax and accounting requirements in one place, KD Professional Services and our team of corporate tax accountants can gain a great understanding of your business needs and ensure high quality and consistent service to help you build a successful business!

KD Business Packages

The KD Business Package is a program designed to offer accounting service packages based on your specific business needs. The KD Business Package gives you more value for your money! Our business packages give you access to special discounts, free services and the option of a monthly payment plan.


  • Corporate Tax Returns (Federal & Provincial) preparation & filing
  • Year End Financial Statements
  • Annual Return filing (Alberta only)
  • GST preparation & filing
  • T-slip preparation & filing
  • 4 Hours Consultation per year
  • The Business Startup Bible

Corporate Year Ends

Updated and accurate financial statements are vital to a corporation's success. Decisions for purchasing, leasing, hiring additional staff, loans and many others are based on financial information available at that time. We go the extra mile to ensure your financial statements are accurate and current, enabling corporations to make decisions based on real numbers. During the Year End Process, we will minimize your overall tax and look for ways to save more tax in the future.

Review and Analysis

Review and Analysis include: initial consultation, evaluation of client's records, corporate structure analysis, review of up to three (3) prior years of accounting and tax filings, detailed analysis and recommendations.

Trust and Partnership Returns

KD and our team of Calgary corporate tax accountants can assist you in preparing Trust and Partnership returns if this is part of your structure. We can also assist you in maximizing the use of your structuring.

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Corporate Financial Management Services

Take control of your business finances and better manage your cash flow with KD’s Corporate Financial Management Services.

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