Effective and consistent financial management practices will help your business succeed by allowing you to make better business decisions, control your finances and manage your cash flow.

KD Professional Services works with Selah Trust to offer customized financial management solutions to businesses that want to take their operational and financial growth to the next level. 

Our team of specialists offers the high-level financial and accounting expertise you need to secure your company’s financial future.

We can help you:

  • Build a solid financial plan
  • Maximize and protect your profits
  • Get a better ROI
  • Grow the company’s wealth
  • Optimize tax strategies
  • Minimize business risk
  • Improve financial performance
  • Strengthen the company’s values

Our Corporate Financial Management Services include: 

  • Review & Analysis (with recommendations):  Our team will start with a comprehensive review of the organization’s existing financial department including a review of the operations, financial reports, bookkeeping and payroll. After the review, detailed analysis and recommendations will then be presented to the client. 

  • Implementation (of recommendations):  The implementation of recommendations will enhance systems, ¬fix issues and integrate best practices for the corporate financial management of the organization.

  • Remote CFO Services:  Our Remote CFO Services provides businesses with financial management and advisory services tailored to their needs and budgets. Our team of experienced financial managers and accountants can augment existing teams at every level or offer complete outsourced CFO services to businesses without an in-house team.

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