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Whether you’re looking for a consultation or an accounting firm to take care of your yearly tax return, KD Professional Services can help. We have some of the best personal accountants in Calgary, who are available to consult with you to help you learn what you need for success in the areas of tax and finance.

Let one of our experienced personal tax accountants in Calgary take the hassle out of filing your personal income tax returns. Our seasoned personal tax accountants stand behind their work and ensure you take advantage of all the deductions and credits, while making sure you meet all of the ever-changing requirements of Canada's Income Tax Act.

Let’s face it there is so much to know when it comes to tax, and the bigger problem is that tax laws change regularly. This is why you should not file your tax return on your own. The costs of missing things or filing incorrectly will be higher than paying the extra $100+ for a professional to do the return.

KD and our team of Calgary personal tax accountants remain on top of the Tax Act as well as all changes made so we can help ensure you pay the lowest tax possible. Let us ease the burden of tax time through using our checklists (available in the downloads section of our website) and through consultation.

If you are also a corporate client, KD will ensure that we tie in the personal taxes and planning with the corporate taxes. This is very key and is where a lot of the savings in taxes happen for business owners. If you have rental properties, a sole proprietorship or employment expenses, let us guide you to avoid pitfalls and ensure you maximize all tax savings associated.

Do not wait until the end of April to get your taxes prepared, start early. The earlier you start the process, the smoother it will be as the end of April is always a mad rush for all the people filing last minute. If you are expecting a refund, then filing earlier will allow you to get the refund earlier. If you owe, you can still file earlier, but do not have to pay the taxes until April 30th which can now be simply done online!

If you are behind on your taxes, let KD Professional’s team of Calgary personal accountants help you get caught up and stay caught up.

Don’t let taxes weigh you down! Our team of Calgary personal tax accountants will help you with all your tax and planning needs!

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