There are instances where the CRA has to validate your eligibility for benefits and credits.  They might ask you for documents in order to make sure that the right benefit and credit is paid to the right individual, to inform individuals about their eligibility and entitlement to benefits and credits and to maintain the integrity of child and family benefit and credit programs.

The CRA’s review may increase or decrease your benefit, depending on the results of the review.

To start the validation process, typically, the CRA sends the individual a letter or questionnaire.  You will need to reply to the CRA within the time stated on the letter or questionnaire to ensure that the CRA does not delay or stop your benefit or credit payments.  There are some situations where you will need to repay benefits or credits that you have already received.

If you receive a letter or questionnaire, the CRA will list the documents you will need to send. Make sure the documents you send are clear and easy to read.  The most common documents that are asked for are documents pertaining to your marital status, residency and primary caregiver. You or your authorized representative can send these documents electronically through My Account or Represent a Client or by mail to the address provided. Also, if you do send out your documents by mail to the CRA, make sure you have copies or better yet, only send copies to the CRA and keep the originals just in case.