The CRA recently announced that business filers can now electronically file up to six T4 slips using their T4 Web forms service.

We are posting this recent CRA announcement for the benefit of all the business filers.

Important facts

  • Simple – This online, interactive service eliminates the need to send paper copies of your T4 slips to the CRA by allowing you to file them online at
  • Fast – No software required. All you do is enter the data for your employee(s) onto the online slips.
  • Complete and secure – The T4 Web forms online service will let you:
    • file original, additional, amended, and cancelled slips directly from the CRA Web site;
    • create an electronic T4 information return;
    • validate data in real time, with prompts to correct errors before filing;
    • calculate the totals for the summary;
    • print T4 slips for employees; and
    • securely submit encrypted returns over the Internet.

When you file your return, you will get a confirmation of receipt that includes your Business Number, name, tax year, and the date and time of receipt.

To use T4 Web forms

To use the T4 Web forms service, you will need your account number and your Web access code. Your Web access code was sent to you in November. If you did not receive your access code, you can retrieve it online by going to You can also call the CRA e-Services Helpdesk for businesses at 1‑877‑322‑7849.

In addition, you can file your T4 information return through the My Business Account service using either T4 Web forms or Internet file transfer. You do not need a Web access code to file through My Business Account. Use My Business Account at to check the status of your return, view your account balance and transactions, and more.

For more information on filing your T4 and other information returns electronically, go to