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KD Exclusive Membership

KD Exclusive Membership

KD Membership

Continue your journey to learning more about finance and tax through the KD Membership. For only $47, get exclusive access to weekly video teachings and 10% off on all KD educational events and boot camps.

Head in handsAre you in the dark when it comes to managing your financial & tax situation?

With the ever-changing world we live in, things change fast especially when it comes to finances & tax! Practical applications on finances and tax laws change constantly and KD is here to help you keep up through the KD Membership! You can continue learning through the KD Membership's weekly video teachings!

Weekly Financial & Tax Teachings

from Seasoned Speaker & Educator
KD CEO, Michael Lepitre

For only $47 per month, you will get access to our exclusive weekly teachings on everything you need to know on finance and tax! Click on the Subscribe button below & get started!

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