Strategic Planning: Setting your Goals

The very first step in setting up a plan is setting your goals. You will need to look closely at your goals as you will want to tailor your plan to be able to achieve these goals.

While thinking about your goals, keep in mind that “The WHY is more important than the HOW!” You will need to ask yourself, “Why do you want to succeed?” If you don’t have reasons to succeed financially, you probably won’t.

Here’s a helpful checklist to help you further with your goal setting:

• Goals must come from GOD & you. (beliefs)
• Goals must be meaningful & value based.
• Goals & Values must include contribution.
• Goals must be specific & measurable.
• Goals must be flexible.
• Goals must be exciting & well balanced.
• Goals must be realistic.
• Goals require the help of others. (The bigger the goal the more help you will need)

Remember, take all the time you need to figure out your goals, including your short-term and long-term goals. Be as specific as possible. Having specific goals will help you create a better plan and strategy to be able to achieve these goals!
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