Quarter of Canadians Have No Savings for Emergencies

Quarter of Canadians Have No Savings for Emergencies
The Forum Poll conducted a random sampling of public opinion last September 18th which found that 26% of Canadians have no emergency savings. 

Also, according to the survey, 9% said they had more than nothing, but less than a month in emergency savings, 11% had one month, 14% had three months of savings, 9% had four to five months, 13% had six months and 15% had one year or more of savings. 

The most glaring fact based on this survey is that quarter of Canadians will have absolutely nothing in the event of emergencies such as accidents, sickness, etc. This shows a clear picture of the financial struggles many Canadians face and how many Canadians do not know how to manage their finances. 

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Source:  http://poll.forumresearch.com/post/2784/interest-rates-september-2017
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