Interesting Facts on Canadian Holiday Spending in 2019

Here are some interesting findings from Deloitte’s 2019 holiday retail outlook:

• Overall consumer outlook is positive with 79% of Canadians planning to spend the same or more during this holiday season compared to last year.
• 12% of Canadians plan to spend more on the holidays this year with men, younger shoppers aged 18-34 and those who start shopping early being most likely to increase their holiday spending.
• Boxing Day/Week seems to be on a losing streak as only 1 in 3 shoppers plan to shop at this time.
• Consumers are planning to make six trips to the stores and seven visits to online retailers this holiday season with 78% of consumers planning to visit the same stores as last year.
• Social media influencers are not as influential as we thought. Only 14% of consumers say they trust these influencers and only 6% trust celebrity influencers.
• More than half of Canadians say they’ll start shopping before Black Friday.
• Amazon is the top choice for online shopping for Canadians.

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