The Department of Finance announced the expansion of the Canada Workers Benefit that will now be available to about one million more Canadians.

The Canada Workers Benefit is a refundable tax credit that helps people who are working and earning a low income and a sizeable tax refund for workers.

With the expansion of this benefit, more Canadian low-income earners will be eligible for a tax refund of up to almost:
- $1,400 for workers who are single and without children and
- $2,400 for workers with families.

A total of 3.2 million Canadians are now eligible for this benefit.

The eligibility of the Canada Workers Benefit has been expanded to those with income up to:
- $32,244 as single Canadians, without children
- $42,197 as single-earner families
- $56,197 as double-earner families.

In addition to this, the expansion will also include a new provision which will allow secondary earners in couples, mostly women, to exclude up to $14,000 of their working income when calculating the benefit, allowing them to receive a more sizeable tax refund.

Source: https://www.canada.ca/en/department-finance.html