Did you recently move? Let CRA know ASAP!

Did you recently move? Let CRA know ASAP!
As we get into the tax season, it is so easy to forget small but important things you must do before filing your tax return.

One of those things is informing the Canada Revenue Agency regarding your new address if you have moved residence recently.

Why is it important? It is important to let the CRA know of your current address to ensure that you continue to receive, without delays, any of your benefit payments and important notices from the CRA. If you do not inform them, CRA may stop your payments and may not receive important correspondence such as your Notice of Assessment.

How do you change your address with the CRA? There are 3 easy ways you can do this.
• You can change your address online by going to your MyAccount and clicking on “Change my address” or you can us the MyCRA mobile app and select “Manage contact info.”
• You can call CRA at 1-800-959-8281. Please note that CRA will ask you to verify some of your personal information. You will need to be prepared to provide the following:
o Your social insurance number;
o Your name;
o Your complete address;
o Your date of birth;
o Details from your account or your most recently assessed return, notice of assessment, reassessment or other tax document;
• You can also send a completed From RC325, Address change request or a signed letter that includes your social insurance number, new address and moving date.

You can also change your spouse’s or common-law partner’s address at the same time as yours. You just have to include the name, social insurance number and signature of that individual in your letter.

Source: https://www.canada.ca/en/services/taxes.html
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