CRA’s Update on Cyber Attack Incidents

The CRA has released an update regarding the recent cyber attacks involving thousands of CRA accounts. Here is a summary:

• CRA continues to cooperate with the RCMP in its ongoing investigations
• Affected individuals will receive a letter from the CRA explaining how to confirm their identity and reactivate their account. Credit protection services will also be offered for free.
• In some cases, applicants may be asked to call the CRA before receiving their next benefit payment and supporting documents may be requested.
• The link between CRA’s My Account and My Service Canada Account continues to be disabled.
• Updated numbers – Approximately 48,500 accounts were affected. It was only 5,500 accounts last August 2020 but the number has evolved as a result of the ongoing forensic analysis. All of these 48,500 accounts have been locked to prevent any additional unauthorized access.
• The CRA routinely monitors account for suspicious activity to detect fraud and identity theft.
• Safeguards have been place and all valid emergency benefit payments will be issued.
• The CRA urges all CRA online users to enable “Email notifications” that will allow CRA to notify taxpayers by email of any changes to their accounts.
• Canadians who receive alerts but have not authorized and changes should contact CRA at 1-800-959-8281.

CRA Resuming Business Activities
Update on Recent Cyber Attacks

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