CRA’s customer service gets failing grade from Canadians, Part 2

Here are some more highlights from the CRA’s Consultation Report:
• 43% of respondents are not confident in CRA’s future direction.
• Top 5 words associated with CRA: tax, slow, incompetent, bureaucratic and difficult.
• 71% of respondents felt that the CRA had not yet reached their service improvement goal.

During the consultation, the respondents shared their experiences and interactions with the CRA. Here are some of them:

• “I waited one hour and thirty three minutes to speak with someone and one minute into the call he hung up on us.”
• "I sat on hold for more than 45 minutes and then got a message saying that all agents were busy and to call back another time. I got this message five times a day for a week. I kept notes."
• "No empathy, she could not have cared less about my concerns."
• "When calling the CRA multiple times, I was told the wrong information by a few different CRA agents which ultimately made me need a reassessment. I can get new information with every phone call and most of the time that information is wrong."
• "Poor response time to providing information to CRA. Over 6 months since information providing and still CRA has not got around to looking at it."
• "Why in the world do I need to call a CRA agent after confirming my identity online with a bank login, SIN number and home address just to obtain a Netfile security code sent to a non- encrypted, insecure personal email address?"
• "You need to realize that you are working with people, not numbers, or files. There does not seem to be any compassion in your agency."
• "Auditor lied and filed a false assessment to intimidate me."

Have you had similar experiences with the CRA?

Do you have any ideas for Budget 2020?
CRA’s customer service gets failing grade from Can...

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