CRA’s customer service gets failing grade from Canadians, Part 1

Last year, the CRA released its consultation report that resulted in its commitment to the following:
• Making information more helpful and easier to understand
• Providing more convenient access to services and support
• Ensure Canadians feel understood, respected and valued

With over 3,300 online submissions and over 140 participants in 7 in-person consultations, the verdict is in – CRA’s customer service has a very long way to go.

Respondents were asked if they have had a service experience with the CRA that did NOT meet their needs. 83% said yes. Note that majority of these experiences occurred over the telephone. Of the respondents that answered yes to the previous question (above), 84% ranked their interactions as “poor.”

The CRA asked “what did not go well with the interactions?” and the respondents answered with 5 main themes namely:
• Long wait times and dropped calls
• Agents are considered rude or unhelpful
• Lack of response / action
• Issues with online tools / forms
• Feelings of animosity / being a target

How was your experience with the CRA? Do you think these findings are accurate and somewhat similar to what you have experienced? Share your thoughts with us!

CRA’s customer service gets failing grade from Can...
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