CRA Resuming Business Activities

The CRA announced it has resumed some business activities last September 2020. These activities include the following:

• Appeals – The CRA’s dispute resolution and taxpayer relief programs are resuming operations. CRA is now contacting taxpayers who filed objections or CPP/EI appeals to the Minister or who applied for relief of penalties and interest. CRA will also start activating CPP/EI rulings this September.
• Business Audits –The CRA’s business audit will focus on complex and aggressive tax planning arrangements using partnerships and trusts by sophisticated and high income earners and audits in the real estate sector to address non-compliance in Vancouver and Toronto. Charities will also be contacted to resume ongoing charity audits, begin Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy post-payment audits and begin new audits in high risk areas.
• Charity revocations – The CRA’s Charities Directorate will begin processing revocations for non-compliance with regards to requirements of charity registration.
• Collections – Collections officers will start contacting individuals and businesses with a balance owing to discuss and re-evaluate their financial situation. The officer may request payment or offer a payment arrangement, if applicable.
• Compliance activities – The CRA will start contacting individuals and businesses that have not filed or may have improperly filed their tax returns. Other compliance activities that have resumed in September include individual income tax reviews, business compliance reviews, information audits and non-resident compliance activities.
• Outreach activities – The CRA will continue to do their outreach activities but will follow physical distancing guidelines. These activities include free virtual tax clinics, meetings with our outreach officers, the liaison officer service, individual tax filing assistance initiative and the Charities Education Program.

Just a reminder, if you need help with dealing with the CRA at this time, please do not hesitate to contact our office. We will be happy to help!

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