Business owners reap the greatest rewards!

Any business owner will tell you that running your own business is very hard work. It is an investment of both your time and money and it does not always pay at the beginning.

But as with anything that you work hard for and feel passionate about, having your own business can reap the greatest rewards!

Business is key to wealth accumulation along with bullion and real estate. Wealth goes beyond money and riches. Wealth is preserved and passed on to the next generations as it is inherent. So why is business an important form of wealth?

• Business creates the highest form of leverage with the most control.
• Investing in your own business is a “business loan” and deductible whether you make a profit or not.
• Business saves you more tax.
• Business creates “sweat equity.”
• Many tax strategies and investment strategies are much more effective using a business structure.
Business Use-of-Home Expenses
Business Expense: What are Capital Expenses?

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