5 Easy Ways to Improve your Credit Score

5 Easy Ways to Improve your Credit Score
Do you have bad credit history? Having bad credit history can limit your capacity to make major financial decisions.  In this day and age, most major financial transactions require a review of your credit score, from purchasing a vehicle to getting financing for your business. 

There are many things you can do to get your credit score to where you want it to be. We’ve narrowed it down to these 5 quick and easy ways to improve your credit score.

Pay ALL your bills on time.
Sounds easy enough right? Not really. According to a recent survey, most Canadians are having a hard time keeping up with all their bills. It all comes down to living within your means.  Borrow the money you can only afford to pay. And if you do borrow money, pay them in full every month and on time. 

Paying your bills on time lets your potential lenders that you are going to make good on your promise in paying for your obligations on time. 

Keep revolving credit balances low.
As mentioned above, if possible, pay your monthly obligations in full as soon as you can.  If not, pay them down with what you can on or before the due date.

Keeping revolving credit balances low shows your potential lenders that you can afford to pay back your obligations in a timely manner.

Limit your credit.
Yes, you do not need 10 credit cards.  Keep only the one or two at the most to maximize any benefits you can get from using these credit cards. 

Be focused when you go for credit. 
Being focused when you go for credit means that you do not stray from what your end goal is in getting that credit in the first place.  If you are getting credit for something, make sure it is only for that one thing and not any other. 

Manage your credit responsibly and regularly.
Do check your credit score regularly.  Not only will it help you keep focused but also will help you be aware of where you stand in terms of your credit standing. Checking regularly will also help in avoiding errors on your credit history.    

If you like to learn more how you can manage your credit or improve your credit score, check out our upcoming FREE webinar!  Head on over to our page for more info: Conquer Your Money Challenges Webinar
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