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Monday-Friday: 9am-5pm
102, 221 18th Street SE
Calgary, AB, T2E 6J5


KD PROFESSIONAL SERVICES based in Calgary, Alberta is a group of interconnected companies offering a wide range of affordable financial, accounting and tax services to individuals and businesses across Canada. KD Professional Services, KD Educational Corp and KD Strategies form KD Professional. All three KD companies are united in their mission to help clients increase their wealth and attain financial freedom.

Through our experienced and friendly accountants, we provide exemplary service and solutions to maximize your cash flow, while preserving Wealth. Located in Calgary, Alberta KD Professional Services Corp is a full service accounting firm that can help you achieve your goals in the areas of Business and Finance.


Management Team

Kevin Penner, Manager, Tax & Accounting

Kevin Penners expertise in Taxation & Planning spans 15 years with the CRA. After studying Accounting & Business Management in university, Kevin began his professional career and noticed a stigma attached to accountants. While many people think that accountants are uptight and speak "accountese," Kevin thinks that accountants should relax, not take themselves too seriously and speak English when talking about accounting and taxes to clients. His outlook matches the consumer and family-oriented atmosphere at KD perfectly. Kevin is passionate about using his expansive knowledge of the CRA to help people fight for fair and equitable tax treatment. He enjoys educating clients about their tax rights and being the accountant that they can count on to have their best interests in mind.

Michael Lepitre, CEO

Michael is the CEO of KD Professional Services Corp. with the responsibility of leading the financial, tax and accounting companies to stay ahead of the fast changing financial marketplace. With over 20 years of experience in accounting and tax, many years of education including business administration, accounting and tax law, a great number of key strategic alliance professionals, and seasoned practical application, Michael brings knowledge unlike many professionals in the tax and accounting industry. Michael’s entrepreneurial journey started at a very young age, and as a teenager Michael already understood what it took to be in business for yourself. Michael has been educating individuals and business owners for the last 15 years and is becoming a well-known speaker and educator in the Calgary area. He has spoken at many venues such as the Alberta Bible College, Total Women’s conference, Sovereign General Insurance Co., various churches and more. Michael has a passion for relationships and a heart to see people’s understanding of finance and the current financial system transformed, resulting in greater wisdom and wealth being transferred to the next generations.

Stacey Lepitre, Office Manager

Stacey Lepitre is the Office Manager and oversees all the operations and administrative functions at the KD Professional Office. She has been leading and managing the administrative team since 2004.


At KD, we believe that our clients and our team members are the most valuable assets of the company. As such, the privacy of our clients' information is of utmost importance. When our clients and team members succeed, so does KD. Our philosophy is built around serving people by educating and empowering them to succeed. We provide education to our clients through our Seminars, Financial and Business Boot Camps, and one-on-one meetings to ensure our clients have ample opportunity to learn. We empower our clients through this education and by delivering high-quality accounting and tax services.


To be a dynamic accounting firm providing quality client service, comprehensive expertise and education, while building lasting relationships of integrity.


To build and empower teams of servant leaders who through the formation of client relationships, ensure financial security by teaching stewardship.


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