Winning. It’s the only thing.

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Sometimes you just need to take the path of least resistance. It may not always be the most correct or the best way, but so long as it is correct it is still a valid choice. All too often people get caught up in doing things perfectly or the exact way they envisioned as being “correct”. Let me explain. Most people file their GST returns with expenses that apply to the period being filed. Makes sense however, GST credits (expense items you paid GST on) can be claimed in any period up to four (4) years after they were incurred. The important part of the process is know when you claimed things, NOT ensuring that you claim them in the period your incurred them.

You guessed it. Its story time, again!!!! I have a client that filed the GST returns in the way I described above, but due to other problems which I will not get into, the CRA is being a pain in the @$$. Now we (I) have tried everything we can to get the problem fixed, but the CRA is just too entrenched in their position, and there are too many different departments involved to fix the problem “properly”. For those of you who are wondering, yes I am right and the CRA is wrong (I am surprised that you had to ask, I AM ALWAYS RIGHT).

So, I now have a choice. I can appeal (because I am right, and I WILL win) or I can go around the problem. If I appeal I will win, but it will take approximately 12-18 months (yah you heard me 12-18 months?!). If I go around I will have the client’s money back in 6 months. Given the choices why would I go to the trouble of fighting just to prove a point? It will be more work, take longer, and be extremely frustrating for the client (and me). Point of fact, the CRA don’t learn from their mistakes so pointing them out won’t make things any better the next time I encounter this problem, so I will take the easy way out.  I know that have always said that I can fix anything.  I have never said that there is only one way to fix things, or that i would fix things the way you think they should be fixed. I get paid for results not my methodology.

So moral of the story whenever possible go around, use the backdoor, and avoid direct confrontation. You may be right, it may be “the principle that counts”, but really “WHO CARES?!!!!!”. What matters is winning. Red Sanders coach of the UCLA Bruins said “winning isn’t everything, IT’S THE ONLY THING”. Truer words have never been spoken, especially when it comes to dealing with the CRA and taxes.

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