Taxpayer Relief – Oxymoron or just morons

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OK, if you read the blog titled Appeals vs. Taxpayer relief then you have the back story.  If not, go read it.  It’s good and it’s informative.  If you are following the dates these things get posted then you may be thinking “wow! The CRA got back to Kevin in like 3 days?”  Don’t be ridiculous.  I am just getting sloppy about posting things when they happen.  Come on.  The CRA are slow and you should know that by now.

Yeah, here I go again.  I am going to complain about the CRA and specifically about how slow they are.  What was that?  How slow are they?  I am so glad that you asked.

They are so slow that I may have to get my grandkids (I don’t have any yet) to finish dealing with taxpayer relief.  What was that?  Somebody said no way?  Well bite me!

I just got a letter from the CRA’s taxpayer relief section on the aforementioned application (see previous blog).  And guess what it said.  Go on.  Use your knowledge.  Audits take 6 months.  Appeals can take 6 to 9 months.  So what taxpayer relief 9-12 months?  Nope.  Keep going.  The letter said 15 months before it will even get assigned.  Are you kidding me? 

We are starting to get well past the surprise zone and well into the ludicrous zone. 

If it is going to take this long to get it assigned, I am starting to get afraid to ask what the outcome will be.  I will update you when I know something or my grandkids will update your grandkids assuming anybody still gives a damn.  Yesh!!!

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