Authorizing a representative: Levels of Authorization

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Authorizing a representative:  Levels of Authorization
In this blog, we will be discussing the different levels of authorization you can choose from when authorizing a representative with the CRA. By choosing the level of authorization, you are able to control the type of access the CRA can give to your representative.

LEVEL 1 – Disclose information
A level 1 authorization will allow your representative to access the following information:
- Information given on your T1
- Adjustments made to your T1
- Information about your registered retirement savings plan, Home Buyer’s Plan, tax-free savings account and Lifelong Learning Plan
- Your accounting information such as balances, payments, instalments and transfers
- Information about your CRA-administered benefits and credits such as Canada child benefit, GST/HST credit and working income tax benefit
- Your marital status, but not information related to your spouse or common-law partner

A level 1 authorization will NOT allow your representative to change any information on your account (information such as address, phone number, direct deposit information, marital status). Also, your representative will not be able to change your return, register a formal dispute, submit documents, authorize or cancel a representative, request a remittance voucher or update children in your care.

Level 2 – Disclose information and request limited changes
A level 2 authorization will allow your representative to have the same access as level 1 and will also allow him/her to ask for changes to your account. These changes include adjustments to income, deductions and non-refundable tax credits and accounting transfers.

Your representative will also be able to:
- Request remittance vouchers
- Submit a request for taxpayer relief
- File a notice of objection
- File an appeal on your behalf

A Level 2 authorization will NOT allow your representative to:
- Apply for benefits
- Change your address, phone number marital status and your direct deposit information
- Manage your online mail
- View, authorize or cancel other representatives
- View or update children in your care

We hope this blog has answered your questions on how the levels of authorization work. If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at KD.

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